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CB500 Gatorade

Drink Vending Machines

CB500 Gatorade ENERGY STAR® rated 10 selection beverage vending machine offers a variety of choices to your customers. This cold drink vending machine vends various sizes of bottles or cans including energy drinks in every column which provides diversity. $3,220.00 Gatorade Retail promotion rebate available.

Free rebate of $3,220 worth of vending machine products

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Rebates available up to $3,220.oo with every Gatorade front machine.

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  • High capacity. Vend 10 selections of 240 bottles, 500 cans or combination
  • Illuminated product display with snap spring product holders
  • Individually priced selections
  • Product delivery sensory equipped guaranteeing product
  • Re-configurable product stacks allows you to vend 12oz. cans, 20oz. bottles, 16oz. bottle water and many other style beverages packages.


Height: 72″ (182.9 cm)

Width: 31 1/4″ (84.5 cm)

Depth: 33 1/4″ (84.5 cm)

Weight: 667 lbs (308.6 kg)

Capacity: 240 bottles, 500 cans or combination


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