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What type of vending machines should I purchase?  Locations typically need both snack/drink vending machines. Vending equipment purchased should reflect the location size, daily traffic etc. Ask these questions to determine location need:

  • Does location currently have soda/snack vending machines?
  • How many employees/customer have vending machine access?
  • What is the width of location doors?
  • Will vending equipment fit through these doors?
  • Does location have stairs?

These questions will help you determine location equipment.

Questions answered about vending business.

Is vending profitable?

In the Vending Times Industry Census, United States vending consumers deposited over 46 Billion Dollars into vending machines. Over $23 Billion were cold beverage sales and $10 Billion were snacks, confections and pastry sales. This trend has been increasing which promises industry growth.

How do I start my vending business

Start slowly! Vending isn’t a get rich quick business. Money can be made but it takes time and commitment. As a vending operator, servicing locations is important for business growth. Don’t buy vending machines before you establish locations. If locations don’t have vending already, there may be a reason; vending cash flow issues or can’t find vendor operator to fill them. Be conscious and ask questions.Start with one or two vending machines per location. Evaluate machines needed on location by customer/employee count; let machine work for you. This will gain you experience along with comfort in the business. Add locations & equipment when you feel ready.

How can I find vending locations?

Everyone either has or knows someone who owns a business in need of vending services. Word of mouth/self promotion is a primary location finding method. Often people are unhappy with their current vendor but don’t know where to find new vending operators.

Where do I get product for my vending machine?

Your local wholesale clubs sell a large variety of popular vending products. Vending products can be purchased through local grocery stores. Vending products are also available through vending supply distributors.

What if my vending machine needs repair?

Most vending related issues can be resolved over the phone by vending specialist. Call (800) 833-4411 or visit  www.vendnetusa.com to receive FREE support.
Vending specialist from our service network can be recommended to assist you, if the issue needs specialized service.


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