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Save Your Business Thousands of Dollars Annually with Secure Dispensing of Coffee Pods

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Single Serve Coffee Pod Vending Machine

Did you know it is estimate that off-site coffee trips cost employers $1,563 of work time per year for every employee who makes a daily coffee trip off-site?

  • Increase Productivity by offering employees on-site access to coffee and other hot beverages.
  • Maximize Efficiency in the workplace by making it quick, easy, and convenient for employees to stay caffeinated.
  • Improve Employee Morale by providing coffee on-site in a easy-to-pay way.
  • Control Costs with secure dispensing of coffee pods.


  • Pay with you Cell Phone via the PayRange App
  • 256 Pod Capacity
  • Sleek Glass Front Display
  • Energy Saving LED Lighting
  • Delivers plug-in ready - Just set prices and operate
  • Pull-out, tilting trays for easy loading
  • Free-vend capable
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