Selectivend Sales Tax Collection

Some Questions People Ask About Selectivend Sales and Taxes


Why has Selectivend started charging sales tax?

In certain areas, state and local laws require Selectivend to collect applicable sales taxes. In order to comply with these laws, Selectivend will begin collecting sales tax on its products/services in certain states on January 1, 2019.  

Are all Selectivend products/services taxable?

Under the new law, most products/services that are available to purchase from Selectivend are taxable.  The tax may or may not include equipment, parts, freight, delivery and install, and monitoring fees, depending on the city, state, or jurisdiction.  In order to determine customer specific tax rates, we will be requiring the 9-digit zip code from all customers.

How is the sales tax calculated?

The amount of sales tax charged on your order is dependent on various factors, including any applicable state, county, and city taxes. County and city taxes may vary from ZIP code to ZIP code.    

Are purchases from all states taxable?

Selectivend will collect sales taxes on its products/services in certain states as required by local laws.

Can sales tax rate change occur?

Sales tax rates in the U.S. are subject to change at any time by state, county, and city taxing authorities. When tax-rate changes occur, Selectivend collects sales tax based on the new sales tax rate in accordance with applicable laws, without any prior notification of the tax change.

Does Selectivend collect other tax in addition to sales tax?

In certain areas, state and local laws require Selectivend to collect applicable taxes separately from sales tax.


Do I still need to file taxes since Selectivend is now collecting sales tax?

Yes, you are still responsible for filing your own taxes as you have done prior to this new law being enacted.


Is there any way to reduce the sales tax amount being collected by Selectivend under this new law?

Depending upon the sales tax rates in your state, county, city, it may be beneficial for you to arrange your own freight.  Equipment picked up at our docks will be taxed at the Iowa Sales Tax Rate, which is 6%.



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