As a business owner, nothing is more frustrating than pouring time, effort and money into your business and equipment, just to have it break down time and time again. Broken-down equipment can force you to lose out on sales. This issue can arise in the vending industry, as it did for Paul Burchett of McClure Vending. Eventually, he had had enough and went searching for newer, more reliable vending equipment.

In searching for new vending equipment, Burchett wanted equipment that would align with his overall business goals, which was to make as much profit as possible and satisfy the needs of his customers. In order to do this, he needed to find quality and reliable equipment that did not break the bank.


After doing his research and studying a variety of products and businesses, Burchett landed on Selectivend. “We have always heard your products were cheaper, but we came to find out that your products were high quality,” Burchett said. Burchett began by purchasing from one machine from Selectivend, and today, 15 machines in his fleet are Selectivend machines including Advantage Plus Combo Vending Machines and WS3000 Snack Machines.

Thanks to his updated fleet of machines with current technology, Burchett saw an increase in customer satisfaction. “Customer satisfaction increased because of iVend guaranteed delivery,” Burchett said. “Refunds went almost completely non-existent, as customer satisfaction went up.”

An increase in customer satisfaction only scratched the surface when it came to the benefits of new vending machines. Burchett and his team also found that profitability increased. Customers are using equipment that they can rely on, so they come back and use it again and again.

Two words came to mind when Burchett thought about the relationship he had with Selectivend: awesome and outstanding. “My sales rep, Jacque, is outstanding,” said Burchett, “She bends over backward and tries to satisfy our needs. Even if we have shipping problems, she always steps in.”


Burchett would recommend people look into working with Selectivend due to the quality and price that is offered and the reputation of the company. Additionally, there are very few repairs that need to be done. It is an overall good investment.

When thinking about his business goals, Burchett feels confident in saying that Selectivend has helped meet them in a number of ways, such as providing guaranteed delivery and enhanced LED lighting in the vending machines. These features lead to an increase in customer satisfaction and an overall increase in profitability.

Additionally, Burchett appreciates the fact that Selectivend has been able to help him reach his business goals by providing all of the necessary tools, advice and great service. “Selectivend is an outstanding company to work with. I can always count on my sales representative to assist me with any need I may have,” boasts Burchett.

If you find yourself unsatisfied with your outdated vending equipment, Selectivend is here to help you. For more information, give us a call at 866-803-6640.

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