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Selectivend works with vending affiliates nation wide to give our customers the vending machine supplies and service they deserve. We’re sure you will find one of our vending affiliates in a convenient location near you.

Parts & Service

Selectivend’s affiliate, Vendnet, is your one-stop source for support of any kind including vending machine repair service, technical support and vending machine manuals for the machines you have purchased. Our friendly customer service staff is available to assist you with any vending machine servicing you may require, as well as all of your vending repair part needs.
Vendnet includes:

Technical Support

Vendnet provides technical support for a number of different vending machine tasks. The Vendnet staff will guide you through your issues and can diagnose machine malfunctions.

Parts Catalog

Whatever your vending machine needs, Vendnet is here to help. Its extensive Parts Catalog will allow you to re-configure your machine, replace parts and more in order to enhance your vending business.

Parts and Service Manuals

Vendnet has a variety of parts and service manuals available on its website for a quick and easy download. No matter where you are, you have access to exactly what you need.

Warranty Registration

Warranty information is available for your vending machine purchase. Head to the Vendnet website to register your machine’s warranty today.
Step-by-Step Videos – Fix any issue with ease with the help of step-by-step videos provided by Vendnet and its support team.

To contact Vendnet, visit their website or call 800-833-4411.

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